Enhancing Legal Education Through Extended Reality

In the dynamic realm of education, extended reality (XR) is redefining traditional learning methods, offering immersive experiences that pave the way for hands-on, practical learning.

In a pioneering move, students Saud ALMubaddel and Saif AlAkki at the College of Law at Prince Sultan University are leveraging virtual reality (VR) simulations to delve into the intricacies of courtroom scenarios, setting the stage for a transformative approach to legal education.

These forward-thinking students are at the forefront of an educational revolution, using XR to immerse themselves in lifelike courtroom scenarios. This groundbreaking initiative goes beyond theoretical understanding, providing students with a tangible, experiential learning environment. The ambitious vision for the future of work is evident in the transformative impact XR can have on legal education.

According to university vision:

Extended reality has the potential to revolutionize how we prepare future lawyers and judges. Through immersive experiences, we aim to not only educate but to empower students with practical skills that will set them apart in the legal profession.

Saud ALMubaddel and Saif AlAkki's embrace of XR for courtroom simulations exemplifies the commitment of Prince Sultan University to innovative education. As XR continues to reshape the educational landscape, the university's vision positions it as a leader in preparing students for the dynamic and evolving demands of the legal profession.